[News] Leading Hydrogen Companies of the World to Gather at “H2 MEET 2023” on September 13
Date : 2023-07-04
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 Leading Hydrogen Companies of the World

 to Gather at “H2 MEET 2023” on September 13

The H2 MEET Organizing Committee (Chairman Namhoon Kang) announced it would host the "H2 MEET 2023" at KINTEX in Goyang between September 13 and 15. It is the largest hydrogen industry exhibition in Korea. 


H2 MEET has attempted to build an industrial ecosystem since 2020, developing Korea's hydrogen industry into a leading business sector. The international showcase started as the Hydrogen Mobility + Show. But the organizing committee renamed it "H2 MEET" in 2022, an acronym for Mobility, Energy, Environment, and Technology, to highlight its purpose covering the entire hydrogen industry.

The exhibition is now in its fourth year and has become an international business platform in the hydrogen industry. H2 MEET 2022 was the largest, with 241 companies from 11 countries. As many as 30,000 people visited the exhibition. The international community revealed its interest while hydrogen-leading countries dispatched special envoys, ministers, and vice ministers. 


The committee selected Canada as an honored guest to promote international cooperation in 2022. Canada hosted seminars and conferences to discuss the hydrogen industry of Korea and Canada, along with future collaborations to create a global hydrogen industry ecosystem. It also featured "Country Day" in which hydrogen-leading countries shared information about their policies and related technologies. The hosting countries included Canada, Australia, France, the US, Spain, the UK, China, and the Netherlands. 


The committee arranged the "H2 Innovation Award," the International Hydrogen Conference, and a forum where the industry giants, SMEs, and start-ups introduced technologies and products, creating opportunities for international collaboration. 


The exhibition led to more than 30 global business MOUs with hydrogen industry leaders such as Hyundai Motor Group, POSCO, SK E&S, the Western Australian government, Samjung E&C, Panasia, Vincennes, and Lightbridge. There were 166 consultations at the KOTRA Business Export Consultation Hall.

With the increasing number of participating entities worldwide, the Organizing Committee plans to expand the H2 MEET 2023. 


"With each year passed, more hydrogen companies and institutions show greater," an official with the committee said. "With various events creating business opportunities, we will keep contributing to creating a low-carbon, eco-friendly society."

H2 MEET 2023 is co-located with the K-Battery Show 2023, an exhibition of secondary battery materials and parts.

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