Take the Lead in Hydrogen

The World’s Only and Largest Hydrogen Exhibition·Conference is Back Once Again in Korea!
Leading Companies in the Domestic and
Foreign Hydrogen Industry are Again
Gathering Together.

  • A Cutting-edge Exhibition·Conference that Aims to Lead Technology Innovation in the Hydrogen Industry
  • A Networking Exhibition·Conference Where New Policies, Visions, and Opinions are Exchanged
  • A Business Exhibition·Conference Where New Ventures and Proposed Businesses are Promoted
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그린뉴딜 2025 비전

"Leading Green Country” is the Theme of Transitioning to
a Low-carbon Economic Structure,
Expanding Sustainable Energy Sources, and Leading Climate Discussions in the International Community"

친환경 미래 모빌리티
  • ㆍGoal of Supplying 200,000 Hydrogen Vehicles (Cars, Buses, Cargo, etc.)
  • ㆍCreation of 450 Hydrogen Charging Stations and Hydrogen Production Based Construction
그린 에너지
  • ㆍPromotion of Full Cycle Source Technology Development from Hydrogen Production to Utilization Creation of 3 Hydrogen Cities (Ulsan, Jeonju / Wanju, Ansan)
  • ㆍ2020 to 2022 and 3 Additional Cities from 2022 to 2025

「 Korean Government's New Deal Comprehensive Plan in July 2020 」