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icon_innovationH2 Innovation Award

H2 Innovation Award is a comprehensive hydrogen tech event comprising presentations and an awards ceremony, open to participation by SMBs, large enterprises, and startups. It is not a presentation as a side event of the exhibition, but an independent official award. It is an event to promote exchanges within the hydrogen industry such as hydrogen production, storage/transportation, utilization (mobility, etc.), automotive parts, IT, and services.

H2 Innovation Award is a place to showcase new ‘technologies /products’ related to hydrogen industry and consists of each field of the hydrogen industry(hydrogen production, storage/transportation,utilization(mobility, etc)). By discovering innovative technologies in each field and selecting excellent companies, the award aims to create industry recognition, high publicity effects, and global business opportunities.

Join the H2 Innovation Award 2023 which discovers innovative hydrogen companies.

icon_innovationA tech award ceremony that's an opportunity for presentations, exhibitions, and networking

  • pitch

    Pitch Presentations


    1. Document screening : Applications, technology/product descriptions, etc.
    2. Preliminary winners : 10 companies


    1. Eight-minute pitch and seven-minute Q&A
    2. One top prize winner in each category(three companies)and one grand prize winner
  • launch

    Launch Exhibitions

    Tech collaborations by companies in the same field

    Discount booths for awardees

    H2 Innovation Award Zone Exhibition promotion support

  • match

    Match Networking

    Support for business mentoring and investment consulting from government agencies and investors

    Consultation with foreign buyers during exhibition period

    Offline networking events



  • Event title : H2 Innovation Award

  • Date/venue : With H2 MEET / KINTEX, KOREA​

  • Hosts : H2 MEET Organizing Committee, H2KOREA

  • Organizers : H2 MEET Organizing Committee, H2KOREA, Korea Energy Agency(KEA), Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology(Keit)

  • Schedule

    1. Invitation/Registration

      Jul 1(Sat) ~ Jul 31(Mon), 2023

    2. Presentation

      Aug 17(Thu), 2023

    3. Announcement of preliminary results

      Aug 30(Thu), 2023

    4. Ceremony

      Sep 13(Wed), 2023

    *The detailed schedule may change depending on the progress of the event.

  • icon_innovationExhibits

    H2 Innovation Award

    1. - H2 Production : Water Electrolysis, Carbon Capture,Renewable Energy(Wind Power, Nuclear Power, etc.)

    2. - H2 Storage & Distribution : Hydrogen Charging Station, Hydrogen Tank, Liquefied/Gas, Pipeline, Transportation, Safety, etc.

    3. - H2 Utilization : Related Industries such as Mobility, Fuel Cell, Steel, and Chemical

  • icon_innovationevalution

    Preliminaries (Document screening)

    1. ·Document screening in each category

    Final presentation(PT) : Presentations to the media and the public

    1. ·Media and public PT will be held for companies that passed the preliminary round

    2. ·Selection of final winners and one grand prize winner according to the evaluation items

    3. ·Excellent technology introduction and public promotion support

    Judging Committee

    1. - Organizers, investors, hydrogen and automotive industry players, journalists, experts in their respective fields, etc.

    Evaluation Items

    Division Evaluation Item Point Rating standard
    Innovation Excellence compared to other product’s
    application technology, Self-development, etc.

    Very good (25)

    Good (20)

    Normal (15)

    Insufficient (10)

    Very insufficient (5)

    Technology Whether the Latest technology is applied, etc. 25
    Marketability Possibility of mass production and market entry
    (domestic and export) of the new technology, etc.
    Development Scalability of derivative technology
    Possibility of grafting with other technologies, etc.
    Sum 100

    Detailed evaluation criteria is subject to change

  • icon_innovationApplication

    Jul 1(Sat) ~ Jul 31(Mon), 2023 (E-mail registration,


  • Preliminary winners :

    Two in each category (6 companies)

    Top prize :

    One top prize winner in each category (3 companies)

    Grand prize :

    One grand prize winner


Type Category(Number of companies selected) Prize
Grand prize The most innovative company (1 company) KRW 10 million
Top prize H2 Production (1 company) H2 Storage & Distribution (1 company) H2 Utilization (1 company) KRW 5 million
Preliminary winners H2 Production (2 companies) H2 Storage & Distribution (2 companies) H2 Utilization (2 companies) KRW 2 million Discount on booth rates (for next year)

icon_innovationContact Us

H2 MEET Organizing Committee

  1. Tel) 02-3660-1858

  2. Email)

  3. Homepage)

icon_innovationBenefits for Winners

Type Grand prize Top prize Preliminary winners
Benefits KRW 10 million KRW 5 million KRW 2 million discounton booth rates
All winners receive a medal and a logo of recognition on their booths.

- Publicity (news segments and interviews)

- Outdoor and/or print advertising of H2 MEET

- Winners inside the exhibition hall PR

(*Award details are subject to change based on evaluation results)

*Please refer to Homepage(guide) for other details.

Previous H2 Award (2022)

1H2 Innovation Award 2022 Winner

Grand Prize (Hydrogen Storage & Distribution)

H2 High Pressure Storage

  • Top Prize
    (Hydrogen Production)

    Green Hydrogen Production Technology by Plastic Waste Gasification

  • Top Prize
    (Hydrogen Storage & Distribution)

    400kg 316L/316HN Liquid Hydrogen Fuel Tank for Hydrogen Powered Ships

  • Top Prize
    (Hydrogen Utilization)

    Faulty detection AOI system through hybrid compound image of metal separators for FCEV stacker

Excellence Prize (Hydrogen Storage & Distribution)

  • award_img
  • award_img
  • award_img
    Aether CT
  • award_img

Excellence Prize (Hydrogen Utilization)

  • award_img
    Loop Energy
  • award_img

(※ The Excellence prizes(Hydrogen Production) will not be selected based on the overall judging results)

2H2 Innovation Award 2022 Sketch

  • img_innovation_sketch2022_01
  • img_innovation_sketch2022_02
  • img_innovation_sketch2022_03

Previous H2 Award (2021)​

12021 H₂ Innovation Award

  • Date :September 9th (Thu), 2021 / 10:00 – 15:30

  • Venue :KINTEX Hall 9

  • Awardee :10 companies

Grand prize​
(Hydrogen Energy)​
  • award_img
    Top prize​ (Hydrogen Mobility) Hyundai MOBIS
  • award_img
    Top prize​ (Hydrogen Charging & Infrastrucure) Dongwha Entec​
  • award_img
    Top prize​ (Hydrogen Energy) BKM
  • award_img
    Preliminary winners (Hydrogen Mobility) Vinssen
  • award_img
    Preliminary winners​ (Hydrogen Charging & Infrastrucure) Magma​
  • award_img
    Preliminary winners​ (Hydrogen Energy) KraftPowercon
  • award_img
    Preliminary winners​ (Hydrogen Mobility) Hoerbiger​
  • award_img
    Preliminary winners​ (Hydrogen Charging & Infrastrucure) Samjung E&C
  • award_img
    Preliminary winners​ (Hydrogen Charging & Infrastrucure) Korea Gas Corporation, Doosan Fuel Cell​


  • img_innovation_sketch_01
  • img_innovation_sketch_02
  • img_innovation_sketch_03